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Life Improvement Made Easy

We are a young startup, working on data-driven life coach app. It should help people change many times faster without willpower


& Life Enthusiast

Hi, my name is Andrew.
Just like you, I love productivity and self-improvement.
After “Better Selfing” for the past 15 years, I still wonder
why is it so hard to change“?

With tons of books and tools and “talking heads” out there… again and again, what supposed to be an inspiring incremental change ends up like another ambitious failure.

I don’t believe that Personal development should be as erratic, elusive and inefficient as it turns out to many of us.

WOTODO is an effort to redesign it.
Turn Life Improvement into a Smooth and Accessible Journey for Everybody with the power of a single App.
Aspiration is set – Progress to follow.

In the meantime, if you wanna talk → mail me at

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We are very interested to learn from YOU:
how you approach your personal and productivity goals today, what challenges you are having and how you solve them, how you go along your day and where your bottlenecks are. We are just starting and would appreciate any help and support from your side.


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